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Work Boots

Dryshod work boot

The Dryshod DungHo

We are excited about our new line of Dryshod® work boots.  They have all you look for in a barnyard boot or a mud boot of any kind.  They are an insulated 100% waterproof boot for snowy days down to 0 °F, but also comfortable up to 70 °F for muddy spring work.  A breathable liner is designed to keep you dry as well.  Soft top edges keep from chafing your calf.  We carry a variety of styles and sizes and can get more quickly.  There are ankle-high styles and styles designed as camping boots

We consider them a great value.  They use the newest technologies in boot coating and an exclusive self-insulating waterproof DENSOPRENE® insulated foam bootie.  Each style has a thoughtfully-created tread design according to their usage.

Stop by and have a look.  We think you’ll like ’em!


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Why Does Popcorn “Pop”?

A popcorn kernel is essentially a sealed container efficiently storing moisture, and the makings of a new plant. When enough heat is applied to a kernel, the internal moisture is turned into steam, and because steam takes up more space than water, the small shell cannot contain it, so it rapidly expands, creating a tiny, but powerful, “POP”.
Traditional popcorn is called butterfly or snowflake because it has “wings,” and pops into different shapes. Popcorn that pops large and round without a lot of extensions is called mushroom popcorn. This is the kind that is often glazed or coated and sold as flavored, gourmet popcorn.

Popcorn Diagram

Try Botanical Interests three varieties! Botanical Interests is one of our seed suppliers.

Robust Pop 400MR Popcorn: Electric orange kernels pop to a large, preferred round shape for kettle corn.
Dakota Black Popcorn: You’ll pop over these gorgeous, jewel-like, blackberry-colored kernels! Save the ears for autumn décor.
Strawberry Popcorn: These petite strawberry-shaped ruby red ears are a colorful and quaint addition to a fall centerpiece
Corn Strawberry
Corn Robust
Dakota Black

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   Yes, the growing season is over and we now look around for what else we can provide you. These rubber mats are very popular, and not just as horse stall footing. Because they are a relatively inexpensive rubber mat and highly durable, they lend themselves to various other uses. Commercial customers often buy a quantity to cover a concrete floor in manufacturing or process areas. They provide a skid-resistant and somewhat more cushioned surface. They also are a popular mat for use under heavy gym equipment.

   For home use, you might consider them to protect your painted deck from shoveling scars and provide better footing, They can also be used under your washer or dryer to prevent “walking” (and reduce the noise a bit).  Need to cover a muddy area temporarily? Catch the ice under your snowblower? Flooring for a new shed or ramp?

   These rubber mats are 4×6 feet and 3/4 inch thick, they can be cut to size.

   Christmas wreaths are here and Christmas trees will be coming soon. The greenhouse becomes our Christmas display area and we have all kinds of Christmas gift ideas in our store from small farm-related toys for kids, to pet toys and supplies, to bird houses, thermometers, barometers and lots of other cool stuff. Drop by and see us, if only to warm up at the pellet stove. We’ve got all you need to deal with Massachusetts’ snow and ice.


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duckies 008

In the midst of selling loam and mulch, lime and fertilizer, grass seed and crabgrass preventer — our chickens and ducks arrive. We always wait until after Easter so they are not bought as throw-away pets. It’s a bit of a hassle for us as we are busy at this time and the chicks require some tending. Still, it’s a rite of spring here and we though it is probably not worth it to us, it’s a bit of tradition.

And, no, we don’t keep them in a cardboard box.

They are fun to watch grow. If you’re serious about having your own fresh eggs some day, the children and grandchildren will love them! We have all you need to raise your own… everything from feed to waterers to chicken coops.

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Support Grows for Historic Renewable Energy Legislation in Massachusetts

As buyers and sellers of wood chips, often trucking large trailerloads of chips to biofuels plants, we are delighted to see our home state of Massachusetts getting on board with renewable energy. The Massachusetts Forestry Alliance, of which we are a member, has been a strong promoter and consultant on this legislation.

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Yes, cheap mulch can be good mulch. But it is not usually bark mulch. Bark is chiefly a by-product of lumber milling. Wood chips are often sourced from land clearing.

We recommend that you use wood chips as a substitute for bark mulches only if in an area away from your house. Bark is used not only for its beauty, but because it is insect-resistant. You don’t want to be feeding termites and carpenter ants.

Wood chips will pretty quickly weather to a silver colored mulch. OK, to be honest it is really a gray mulch. (It’s in the eye of the beholder.) Whole tree chips will generally suffice, even if used to suppress weed and brush growth along a road. This is useful in more rural neighborhoods, or along the tree line at the back or sides of a yard.

In the Brockton and Plymouth Massachusetts area we have seen many good examples of the use of chipped or ground wood, even clean mill chips (no bark or twigs) for the fussier customers in the “better” homes. The latter are mill sourced though and will cost almost as much as the cheaper bark mulch.

Bridgewater Farm Supply offers both retail and wholesale delivery and has whatever you need.

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